The Kids in Hunts Point Can't Keep Me Away!

If you read my blog over the summer, you may remember that through LINC NYC, I visited the Hunts Point Recreation Center during a literacy fair and read my first two books to the adorable children. After that experience, I couldn't wait to visit again. 

The amazing people at LINC invited me back to read and sign my books during an after-school literacy hour. The kids were as enthusiastic as I remember! Afterwards, I gave them a sneak peek of my latest book, which is officially launching in a few days. I am happy to report that the children enjoyed it just as much as my first two! They even recognized some of my Taylor Swift references in the book! 

After the reading, several of the children showed me around the Hunts Point Recreation Facility. I got to see some of their beautiful artwork on the walls and watch a few of the kids play a game of basketball. These kids are future stars! It was another great afternoon, and I hope to visit again soon!

Taylor SinettComment