In the summer of 2013, I drew a small picture of a weasel on a miniature easel at camp. My dad proudly displayed my art project in his office. One day, a patient told my dad that I should consider turning my cute illustration into a children's book character. I decided that my furry little protagonist could carry a big message. Inspired by my cousin Casey's determination throughout a painful fight with ulcerative colitis, I wrote a story about perseverance and overcoming obstacles.

I shared my book, A Weasel on an Easel, with many different people and was able to raise over $16,000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. 

My second book, Jack on a Plaque, continued my mission to empower children. This time, my main character, Jack the Yak, is born with a short hoof. He faces trials and tribulations with his disadvantage, yet never loses his optimism.  My sales of Jack on a Plaque have raised more than $10,000 which I donated to the Cohen Children’s Medical Center to purchase 2 vein finders that make injections far less painful on the patient's small veins. 

 I have just completed my third book, Furry and Fabulous: The Life and Times of Taylor Swift's Cats, with all of the proceeds going to The Companions in Courage Foundation. This book tells the story of love and friendship with a unique twist. So far I have raised over $10,000, and hope to continue raising funds so that I may provide a Companions in Courage Lion's Den playroom for children in the hospital.

Through my journey, I have had the honor of receiving several awards and grants and I hope I can inspire kids to be charitable and creative. I am currently a senior at Schreiber High School in Port Washington and look forward to finding inspiration for my next book!

Praise for Taylor Sinett

"Jack on a Plaque by Taylor Sinett is an inspiring and creative story that is consistently being taken off the book shelf in my classroom by my students. As a special educator it is wonderful to find a story that is relatable and encouraging to share with the children I work with. I see the excitement and joy on my preschoolers faces when I read this story to them and for that I am forever grateful." 
-Sarah LaFontaine MA, Ed

"It was such a pleasure to have Taylor, Kyle and Mrs. Sinett visit and share Taylor’s books with our Manorhaven students.  She is such an inspiration for our youngest writers  and gave them the message that anything is possible.  We are all so proud of our former student and her supportive family."

-Bonni Cohen

"Having you in the classroom today was so exciting for everyone. The students were so curious and engaged in both your stories, Taylor. I was so happy to hear Weasel on the Easel again and receiving my own special Fredda Weasel was so thoughtful.  As I am writing to you now, I am still filled with tears of happiness. Jack on the Plaque is a wonderful and thoughtful book too." 

-Fredda Meltzer