Sneak Peek at My Newest Book with the Patients at Cohen Children's Medical Center!

Furry and Fabulous: The Life and Times of Taylor Swift's Cats officially launches this Sunday! Today, the hospital patients of Cohen Children's Medical Center got a sneak peek! I met the children in the hospital's incredible Lion's Den Play Space, built through the Companions in Courage Foundation. The coolest part of my reading was that I was broadcasted live to three other hospitals throughout the country! Companions in Courage builds the most advanced play spaces, and I can't wait to raise enough money to build one through the sales of my book! 

As soon as I arrived, the patients were ready and excited! The live stream was simulcast and the reading began! It was so cool to read in the room with children at Cohen Children's Medical Center while children around the country were following along. After my reading, the patients asked me some questions and I even received some questions over the computer through the live feed! 

The children all seemed to really enjoy my Taylor Swift references, and they also enjoyed asking me lots of questions! Some children were unable to attend due to their health issues so, after the group reading I visited them in their rooms and read my new book. It was so wonderful to share my latest book at this hospital, which has become such a special place for me.

Taylor SinettComment