Introducing My Latest Book at The Companions in Courage Golf Outing


Last week, I attended a remarkable event, The Companions in Courage Annual Golf Outing. I was asked to give a speech about my latest book benefiting Companions in Courage. Mr. LaFontaine, the founder of Companions in Courage (CIC), was hoping that my speech would inspire guests to purchase books, raising much needed money. Little did Mr. LaFontaine know that it was the guests at the event who would motivate me!

Throughout the event I met many people involved with Companions in Courage in some way, and all were so passionate about the organization! I met heads of hospitals who have seen the benefits the CIC playrooms provide, former child patients who enjoyed their hospital’s CIC playroom, parents who saw their own sick children relishing in the playrooms, and several members of the Companions in Courage board, who are incredibly proud of the organization’s work. Each person I met was so enthusiastic and proud to be a part of CIC.

When it came time to give my speech about Furry and Fabulous: The Life and Times of Taylor Swift’s Cats, I, of course, was nervous. However, once I got started, the nerves faded. The best part was that after my speech, several audience members purchased books for the various Companions in Courage play spaces around the country. By the time the event was over, boxes of books were purchased for each and every one of the hospitals with Companions in Courage play rooms!

I am thrilled to be on my way to raising enough money to build a brand new playroom in memory of my amazing Nana Judi, and I am honored to be a part of the Companions in Courage Foundation.

Taylor SinettComment