Another Visit to the KidZone at Mt. Sinai Hospital!

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to read my first two books in the KidZone, the recording studio at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Now that my third book is out, I went back to the KidZone to read it!

Just like last time, I was equipped with a special microphone, the green screens were set, and I read my book into the camera. Following the reading, patients in the hospital were invited to use their bedside hospital phones to call the KidZone and ask me questions. It was so thrilling to hear the phones ring from the various patients throughout the hospital. My favorite question was, “Do you have cats like Taylor Swift?” The children were all so inquisitive; I received many calls in the studio!

Just like last time, my story hour will be aired on the hospital television channel so that patients can hear my book any time they want! I hope the patients tune in for years to come, as I always love to share my stories.

Click here to check out the video!

Taylor SinettComment