My HEARTS Grant in Action at Manorhaven Elementary School

Several months ago, I applied for a grant through the HEARTS Foundation of Port Washington, an organization devoted to enriching the arts program throughout all schools in the Port Washington School District.

After a very selective process, I received my grant, and today I completed my initiative! I read my first two books to the kindergarten classes of Manorhaven Elementary School. I also shared that I am in the middle of editing my third book, and showed them my rough drafts and doodles. We discussed the writing and illustrating process that goes into the publication of books.

After the reading and discussion, it was time for the artwork portion of the activity. We talked about how the characters in my books are all round in shape. Each student was given a blank canvas to explore and create their own circular illustrations. They turned their circles into all sorts of cute animals, clowns, cars, airplanes, and foods!

After the art activity, thanks to the generosity of the HEARTS Foundation, I was able to give each student their very own copy of my second book, Jack on a Plaque. It was an educational, artistic, and enjoyable afternoon.

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Taylor SinettComment